Puritan Bennett Achieva PSx 6k Service / Repair

Puritan Bennett Achieva PSx 6k Service / Repair

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  • Brand: Puritan Bennett
  • Product Code: LA PSO2 6K PMx
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
  • $350.00

Achieva PSx 6,000 hour Preventative Maintenance and Battery Service


•  We will always provide a fast and free estimate on your Achieva PSx ventilator.

•  Install of piston guides, kap seals, quad rings, set screws & Battery.

•  Calibration of all settings and voltages.

•  24 hour run-in and battery run down testing.

•  Here at Bemes we clean your LP-20 inside and out.



♦ Replacement of Cap Seals, Quad Rings, 4 Piston Guides & Filter.

♦ New Battery Installed and run down testing done.

♦ Full Calibration to the same specs as a new unit.

♦ Unlike others, all Achieva PSx services done according to manufactures guidelines.  

♦ All our work is guaranteed.

♦ Rental are also available on this unit.

♦ This service is required every two years.

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