Nellcor N-600x Pulse Oximeter

Nellcor N-600x Pulse Oximeter

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Refurbished Nellcor N600x Pulse Oximeter

Delivers accurate, reliable readings and works with the complete family of Nellcor SpO2 sensors with OxiMax technology to more effectively monitor a wider range of patients even when low perfusion and signal interference are present. The full-featured Nellcor N600x bedside pulse oximetry monitor also includes the SatSeconds alarm management technology, which offers a safe, practical way to reduce clinically insignificant alarms.

The SatSeconds alarm management function analyzes desaturation events by multiplying the duration (seconds) by the number of percentage points the patient exceeds the alarm limit. Clinicians can set SatSeconds alarm management technology limit to 10, 25, 50 or 100. Once the limit is set, only events that equal or surpass the set limit cause the alarm to sound.

The LoSat expanded accuracy feature of Nellcor SpO2 adhesive sensors with OxiMax technology assures clinicians of the industry's widest accuracy range (60% to 100% SpO2) when used with the Nellcor N600x bedside pulse oximetry monitor. This allows improved patient assessment at the more challenging lower saturation levels.

The Nellcor pulse oximetry system creates a communication link between the sensor and monitor that empowers the Nellcor N600x bedside pulse oximeter to display valuable information to clinicians. The sensor messages function provides troubleshooting tips for optimal sensor application, and the sensor event report allows alarm event history stored in the sensor to travel with the patient for quick assessment at various points of care.

Other Product Features

  • Simple, intuitive operation and easy-to-see display.
  • Compatible with the complete family of OxiMax Pulse Oximetry Sensors.
  • Ideal for any clinical environment -- monitors neonates through adults.
  • Convenient selection of adult or neonate alarm limits, and user-configurable power-on settings.
  • Works with the Intouch 2 Remote Oximetry Notification System and Oxinet Central Station and Paging System to provide an easy-to-use, cost-effective monitoring solution for the General Care Floor.
  • Compatible with Nellcor's Score Analysis Software for overnight oximetry studies.
  • User-selectable fast-averaging mode (2-3 seconds) to more precisely track rapidly changing saturations.
  • On-screen viewing of 24-48 hours of SpO2 and pulse rate trends taken at 2-4 second intervals; printing capability.
  • Variable pitch beep tone enables clinicians to hear changes in SpO2.
  • Interfaces with certain multiparameter monitors; real-time patient information and true physiologic waveforms are displayed on host system.

Alarm Management System

An upgrade to the Nellcor N600x bedside pulse oximetry monitor that identifies and alerts staff to physiologic conditions that suggest relevant respiratory events and patterns in desaturation without adding to the current set of monitors and sensors. The Covidien Alarm Management System (AMS) promotes patient safety by alerting clinicians to desaturation patterns indicative of repetitive reductions in airflow and helping ensure that alarms are treated promptly by reducing alarm fatigue.

  • Nellcor N-595 Head Unit
  • Pre-Amp Cable
  • DS-100A Oximax Finger Probe
  • Power Cord
  • JCAHO Complient Paperwork
  • 90 Day No-Hassle Warranty

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