Phillips Respironics Bipap Focus Rental

Phillips Respironics Bipap Focus Rental

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We Rent the Phillips Respironics Bipap Focus 

Simple, reliable NIV for low-acuity settings


Intuitive operation
The BiPAP Focus supports staff efficiency and patient safety while delivering reliable NIV. Digital Auto-Trak provides auto-adaptive triggering and cycling thresholds. The large screen makes it easy to access settings and alarms. Other safety features include nurse call, adjustable alarm volumes, and backup battery.



  • Digital Auto-Trak sensitivity ensures optimal triggering and cycling sensitivity throughout changing breathing patterns and leaks
  • Large user interface is designed for the hospital environment and makes it easy for the clinician to adjust patient care settings
  • Patient parameter display allows the clinician to view all patient parameters at once
  • Pressure bar graph quickly and clearly shows real-time patient breath and pressure range information.
  • Easy-to-use alarms minimize nuisance alarms and enhance patient safety with pressure alarms automatically set 5 cmH2O above IPAP and below EPAP settings.
  • Backup battery maintains patient ventilation in the event of power interruptions and allows convenient intra-hospital transport

Ideal for low-acuity environments
The BiPAP Focus is a true hospital-grade ventilatory assistance system, which is suitable for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), low-acuity, and respiratory insufficiency patients. The BiPAP Focus delivers dependable NIV in general wards and other non-critical-care settings where NIV is gaining popularity.


Intra-hospital transportability
The BiPAP Focus is compact and lightweight, and the integral 3.8-amp-hour backup battery allows uninterrupted ventilatory care.


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