Phillips Respironics Bipap Focus

Phillips Respironics Bipap Focus

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The BiPAP Focus Noninvasive Ventilator is a basic bi-level delivery system designed specifically for the institutional setting. Ventilatory assistance is provided to stable, lower acuity patients with respiratory insufficiency or failure.

Compact and lightweight, the BiPAP Focus System provides features that make delivery of noninvasive ventilation easy and effective:


    Like many other Respironics bi-level ventilators, the BiPAP Focus System includes Respironics proprietary Digital Auto-Trak Sensitivity. This feature assures optimum triggering and cycling sensitivity throughout changing breathing patterns and leaks. It also eliminates the need for a perfect seal of the patient interface and constant adjustment while promoting patient-ventilator synchrony.
    Designed for the hospital environment, the user interface is easy to use. It allows the practitioner to easily and quickly adjust patient care settings.
    This valuable feature conveniently allows the practitioner to view all patient parameters at once.
    Quickly and clearly indicates patient breaths and pressure ranges.
    Pressure alarms are automatically set to 5 cm H2O above IPAP and below EPAP settings, minimizing nuisance alarms and enhancing patient safety.
    An integral backup battery system maintains patient ventilation in the event of an interruption in power. This safety feature also provides a convenient method for intra-hospital patient transport from one care area to another with uninterrupted ventilatory care.
    The BiPAP Focus Ventilator is part of our Total Ventilation SolutionsSM that help treat, monitor and manage respiratory-impaired patients.

Product Specifications:

Item  Pressure: CPAP 4 to 20 cm H2O (4 to 20 hPa)
Resolution: 1 cm H2O (1 hPa)
Dynamic Accuracy: ± 5 cm H2O (± 5 hPa)

Item  EPAP 4 to 20 cm H2O (4 to 30 hPa)
Resolution: 1 cm H2O (1 hPa)
Dynamic Accuracy: ± 5 cm H2O (± 5 hPa)

Item  IPAP 4 at 30 cm H2O (4 to 20 hPa)
Resolution: 1 cm H2O (1 hPa)
Dynamic Accuracy: ± 5 cm H2O (± 5 hPa) Rise Time: Set 1 to 6 (where 1 = 0.1 seconds and 6 = 0.6 seconds)
Resolution: 1
Accuracy: ± 10% of the configuration (R = 50, C = 20)
Frequency: 1 to 30 BPM
Resolution: 1 BPM
Accuracy: ± 1 BPM or ± 10% of setting, whichever is greater over a period of 4 minutes.
Configurations of Time and frequency-I can not allow the time-I exceeds the expiratory time.

Item  Time-I: 0.5 to 3 seconds
Resolution: 0.1 seconds
Accuracy: ± 0.1 +10% of the second set
Configurations of Time and frequency-I can not allow the time-I exceeds the expiratory time.

Item  Ramp time: 0 to 45 minutes
Resolution: 5 minutes
Accuracy: ± 10% of the set
Start Ramp: 4 cm H2O to EPAP (4 hPa EPAP)
Resolution: 1 cm H2O (1 hPa)

Item  Patient parameters
Patient circuit pressure: Range: 0 to 35 cm H2O (0 to 35 hPa) (continuous display of the bar graph)
Frequency Range: 0 to 99 BPM
Vt Estimated range: 0 to 4,000 ml
Estimated MV: Range: 0 to 99 l / min
Patient Leakage: Range: 0 to 200 l / min
Frequency of apnea: Range: 0 to 99 hours

Item  Alarms
High system pressure, 5 cm H2O (5 hPa) on the IPAP pressure target (auto)
Low system pressure: 5 cm H2O (5 hPa) under the EPAP pressure target (auto)
Apnea Interval: 20, 40, 60 seconds or off
Frequency of apnea: Range: 5, 10, 20 apneas per hour or off
Call the nursing staff: Suitable for systems normally open or normally closed

Item  Physical Characteristics
Dimensions: 140 high x 290 wide x 355 deep (mm)
Weight: 4.5 kg

Item  Feeding
Power input: 100 V AC and 50/60 V CA/230 Hz
Battery Standby: 3.8 amp-hours (NiMH)
Fuse: Fuse not replaceable
Call the nursing staff: Rated current: 0.280 A
Rated voltage: 250 V

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