Nellcor MAX-I Disposable Infant Sensor

Nellcor MAX-I Disposable Infant Sensor

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  • Brand: Nellcor
  • Product Code: TD MAX-I
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  • $245.00

Nellcor MAX-I SpO2 sensors (adhesive)

Highly accurate and feature tear-resistant bandages that provide a comfortable, secure "second-skin" fit. The Nellcor™ SpO2 sensor bandage is designed to prevent ambient light from interfering with SpO2 readings.

Features and Benefits

  • Sterile, single-patient use sensors for neonates, pediatrics and adults
  • LoSat™ expanded accuracy range helps clinicians better manage patients in the challenging lower saturation ranges*
  • Tear-resistant bandages for durability
  • Extra electronic shielding in the bandage prevents light interference
  • Compatible with current Nellcor™ pulse oximeters with OxiMax™ technology and previous generations
  • OxiMax™ digital memory chip enables special communication features when sensors are used with full-featured Nellcor™ pulse oximeters with OxiMax™ technology:
    • Sensor messages relay troubleshooting tips for optimal sensor placement

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