Drager Savina Ventilator

Drager Savina Ventilator

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  • Brand: Draeger
  • Product Code: TD Savina REB
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The dependable Dräger Savina can help you face clinically challenging environments. It is easy to use and combines excellent ventilation performance, quality and versatility.

  • Helps minimize risk to the patient
  • Adapts to altering needs with ease
  • Can support weaning
  • Promotes long-term ventilation and recovery

Ventilation performance that is excellent and flexible

  • With its open breathing system, the Savina enables spontaneous breathing at any time and any pressure level in all ventilation modes during ventilation cycles
  • Features an internal turbine that removes the need for air cylinders or an external compressor
  • Navigate power failures and support mobility with an internal battery
  • Multiple ventilation modes accommodate various acuity levels and patient populations

High quality; includes safety concept

  • Precise, endurable O2 dosage enabled by nine rubies
  • Independent, unseen “bodyguards” for improving safety for the patient, and backup twin sensors for airway pressure, FiO2 and minute volume

Design promotes easy use

  • Access to key settings for ventilation
  • Minimized training time via an intuitive operating concept
  • Color screen is bright and high res for high visibility, from up close and a long range
  • Attractive in most clinical environments


  • Ventilation Mode: PPV (CMV), IPPVAssist (CMVAssist), SIMV, SIMVASB (SIMV/PS) CPAP, CPAPASB (CPAP/PS), BIPAP* (PCV+) (optional) BIPAP* ASB (PCV+/PS) (optional)
  • Enhancements:Patient type: Adult, pediatric
    • NIV – Non Invasive Ventilation with optimized alarm system and automatic leakage compensation (optional)
    • AutoFlow®– Automatic adaptation of the inspiratory flow in volume orientated ventilation modes (optional).
    • LPO - Low Pressure Oxygen. Independent oxygen supply, e.g. with an O2 concentrator (optional)
    • Graphic screen - Advanced ventilation monitoring (optional)
    • Nurse call - Connection for transmitting alarm signals to a central alarm system (optional)
  • Ventilation frequency: 2 to 80 bpm
  • Tidal volume: 0.05 to 2.0 L, BTPS**)
  • Inspiratory flow: 0 to180 L/min
  • Inspiratory pressure: 0 to 99 mbar***) (cmH2O)
  • PEEP/interm. PEEP: 0 to 35 mbar (cmH2O)
  • Pressure support/ASB: 0 to 35 mbar (cmH2O) (relative to PEEP)
  • Flow acceleration: 5 to 200 mbar/s (cmH2O/s)
  • O2-concentration: 21 to100 Vol. %
  • Trigger sensitivity: 1 to15 L/min
  • Measured value display
    • Airway pressure measurements: Peak pressure, plateau pressure, mean airway pressure, PEEP 0 -100 mbar (cmH2O)
    • Minute volume (MV): Total MV, spontaneous MV 0 to 99 L/min, BTPS
    • Tidal volume VT: Inspiratory VT, expiratory VT 0 to 3999 mL, BTPS
    • Breathing frequency: Total and spontaneous breathing frequency, 0-150 bpm
    • Inspiratory O2-concentration: 21 to100 Vol. %
    • Breathing gas temperature: 18 to 48 °C (sensor optional)
    • Curve displays: Airway pressure / time, flow / time
    • Ventilation ratio (I:E): 150:1 to 1:150 
  • Alarms
    • Airway pressures: High / low
    • Expiratory minute volume: High / low
    • Tidal volume: High / low
    • Apnoea-alarm time: 15 to 60 sec
    • Spontaneous breathing frequency: High
    • Inspiratory O2-concentration: High / low
    • Inspiratory breathing gas temperature: High 
  • Performance data
    • Maximum flow for pressure assist/spontaneous breathing: 180 L/min
    • Valve response time T0…90: ≤ 5 ms
    • Control principle: Time-cycled, volume-constant, pressure-controlled
    • Safety valve opening pressure: 100 mbar (cmH2O)
    • Emergency valve: Automatically enables spontaneous breathing with filtered ambient air if air and O2 supply should fail
    • Automatic gas switch-over function if O2 supply fails
    • Output for pneumatic medicament nebuliser: Synchronized with inspiration
  • Operating data
    • Main power connection 100 V to 240 V, 50/60 Hz AC, 10 to 36 V DC
    • Typical power consumption 100 W
    • Internal battery Approx. 60 min (optional extension up to 7 h)
  • Digital machine outputs
    • Digital output and input via an RS 232 C interface, Dräger Medibus standard
  • Gas supply
    • Air: Turbine technology
    • O2 gas supply: 3 bar (39 psi) to 10 % up to 6 bar (87 psi)
  • Dimensions and weights
    • Dimensions (without trolley): W x H x D 380 x 383 x 358 mm (15.0 x 156.1 x 14.1 inches)
    • Weight (basic device): Approx. 24 kg (53 lbs.)
    • Diagonal screen size: 6.1” TFT color screen

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