Bird T-Bird VS Ventilator

Bird T-Bird VS Ventilator

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  • Brand: Viasys
  • Product Code: TD Btbird VS REB
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  • $650.00

The T-Bird VS is one of the few portable volume ventilators that is turbine-driven instead of by compressor, which results in a lighter chassis which runs with less heat. Operating modes include Control, Assist/Control, SIMV, and CPAP (see below for definitions). Refurbished by  Features include pressure support ventilation, automatic apnea backup ventilation when apnea is detected, integral real-time digital airway pressure monitor with adjustable high and low pressure alarms, and comprehensive monitoring package which includes PIP, MAP, breath rate, I:E Ratio, Tidal Volume (Vte), Minute ventilation (VE), Inspiratory Time (Ti) and PEEP.

Control: ventilator delivers gas at selected tidal volume, peak flow and rate settings. The patient is still able to draw spontaneous breaths through the piston bypass check valve.
Assist Control: a positive pressure breath is triggered when the patient’s spontaneous inspiratory effort drops below the pre-set assist sensitivity level; if the patient does not trigger the machine within the breath-to-breath time set by the rate control, the vent will automatically deliver a breath.
SIMV: (Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation) allows the patient to breath spontaneously and to receive a fixed number of positive pressure breaths as set by the rate control. These breaths can be patient-initiated (assisted) or ventilator-initiated (controlled).
CPAP: (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) delivers a continuous inspiratory pressure



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