Bird V.I.P Standard Infant and Pediatric Ventilator

Bird V.I.P Standard Infant and Pediatric Ventilator

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  • Brand: Viasys
  • Product Code: TD VIP-REB
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This microprocessor VIP ventilator for infants and pediatrics provides assist/control and SIMV/CPAP in both volume cycled and time cycled modes. The Bird V.I.P. is responsiveness breath by breath, in an infant-pediatric ventilator, providing information that is accurate, responsive and excels to the highest levels of performance. The V.I.P. Bird® Ventilator System was designed specifically for neonatal, infant, and pediatric populations. It incorporates highly sophisticated features such as Flow Synchronization, Termination Sensitivity and a Dual Mode Breath Type to promote patient synchrony and facilitate weaning. The V.I.P. Bird® Ventilator system sets the premium standard for superior respiratory care in the NICU and PICU environments. The V.I.P. Bird® Ventilator System reaches the highest levels of performance by responding to a patient's ventilatory requirements breath by breath. This is achieved by utilizing software technology that continually evaluates the patients' breathing, allowing interaction between the infant and the ventilator while while providing the clinician with information that is accurate and responsive. Total Flow Synchrony - to match the patient's respiratory pattern. Pressure Support - available in all breath types Broad range for volume delivery 10 - 1200 ml "Smart" Sensor technology - autoclavable proximal flow sensor.



Power On/Off (I/O)
AC/DC Switch AC Line/12 VDC
vviiTime Cycled Assist/Control, (S)IMV/CPAP
vviiVolume Cycled Assist/Control, SIMV/CPAP
vviiPressure Support Active in Volume SIMV/CPAP
Tidal Volume 20 to 995 ml
Inspiratory Time 0.10 to 3.00 sec.
Breath Rate 0 to 150 bpm
vviiTime Cycled 3 to 40 lpm
vviiVolume Cycled 3 to 100 lpm
High Pressure Limit:  
vviiTime Cycled 3 to 80 cmH2O
vviiVolume Cycled 3 to 120 cmH2O
PEEP/CPAP 0 to 24 cmH2O, Off
Assist Sensitivity:  
vviiFlow Triggered 0.2 to 5.0 lpm, Off
vviiPressure Triggered 1 to 20 cmH2O, Off
Pressure Support 1 to 50 cmH2O, Off
Termination Sensitivity Time Cycled, Flow Synchronized 5% to 25% of Peak Flow, Off
Manual Breath x 1
Oxygen Percent 21% to 100%
Over-Pressure Relief 0 to 130 ± 10 cmH2O


  • Breath Rate
  • Inspiratory Time
  • I:E Ratio
  • Peak Inspiratory Pressure
  • Mean Airway Pressure
  • Power
  • External D.C.
  • Patient Effort
  • Demand
  • Proximal Pressure Manometer


All alarms feature both audible and visual indicators

High Pressure Limit 3 to 120 cmH2O
Low Peak Pressure 3 to 120 cmH2O, Off
Low PEEP/CPAP Pressure -9 to + 24 cmH2O
High/Prolonged Pressure:  
VVIITime Cycled High Pressure Limit + 10 cmH2O, Auto set
VVIIVolume Cycled 3 to 120 cmH2O
VVIIAll Modes
VVIIVI(Prolonged Pressure)
Apnea Interval 20, 40 and 60 sec.
Low Inlet Gas Pressure System Pressure
  Red Light Indicator Lamp
Circuit Fault Red Light Indicator Lamp


Minimum Expiratory Time:  
VVIIAll Modes 250 msec
Minimum Inspiratory Time:  
VVIITime Cycled 100 msec
VVIIVolume Cycled 150 msec
Demand Flow:  
VVIISensitivity 1 cmH2O below baseline pressure
VVIIFlow Range 0 - 120 lpm maximum
Leak Compensation System:  
VVII(Volume Cycled)  
VVIIAssist Sensitivity 1: Set at 1 cmH2O
VVIIviActivation 0.25 cmH2O below baseline pressure
VVIIviFlow Range 0 - 51 lpm
VVIIAssist Sensitivity 2: Set at 2 cmH2O
VVIIviActivation 0.50 cmH2O below baseline pressure
VVIIviFlow Range 0 - 10 lpm


Electrical Fuse Ratings
100 VAC+10% - 15%, 50/60 Hz 0.75 amps 1.25 SB
120 VAC+10% - 15%, 50/60 Hz 0.58 amps 1.00 SB
220 VAC+10% - 15%, 50/60 Hz 0.35 amps 0.63 SB
240 VAC+10% - 15%, 50/60 Hz 0.32 amps 0.63 SB
VVIIAir 40 - 75 PSIG (2.1 - 4.9 kg/cm2)
VVIIOxygen (O2) 40 - 75 PSIG (2.1 - 4.9 kg/cm2)
VVIIvi(Air and O2 must be within 20 PSIG)  


Fiber Optic Data Link PARTNER® Volume Monitor
  PARTNER® lli Volume Monitor
  Bird Graphics Monitor
Auxiliary Gas 0 to 15 lpm, FlO2 at blender setting

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