Carefusion LTV-950 Ventilator

Carefusion LTV-950 Ventilator

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  • Brand: Carefusion
  • Product Code: TD LTV-950-REB
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  • $3,000.00

The Carefusion LTV-950 is light enough to move well. Advanced enough to breathe well. 

Innovative technology and enhanced portability merge, enabling ventilator patients to be more mobile and comfortable. The LTV 950 incorporates many of today's more advanced modes of ventilation in a versatile 13.4 lb (6.1 kg) design for maximum mobility. It features pressure control, pressure support, NPPV, adjustable flow-triggering and an apnea backup mode. 

Features and Benefits

Ease of Use
An intuitive interface makes the LTV 950 easy to understand and operate. The unit features extensive patient monitoring capabilities and a comprehensive alarms package for optimum patient care. With a footprint and size at a fraction of comparably equipped ventilators (13.4 lbs), the LTV 950 allows for greater patient mobility. 

Patient Comfort
Designed to provide optimum patient comfort and care, the LTV 950 features:

  • Variable Rise Time
  • Variable Sensitivity Flow Trigger
  • Variable Flow Termination
  • Variable Time Termination
  • Leak Compensation
  • NPPV Mode
  • High Pressure Alarm Delay

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