Carefusion LTV-1150 Ventilator

Carefusion LTV-1150 Ventilator

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LTV® 1150 Ventilator

The LTV 1150 ventilator from CareFusion gives your patients the freedom of portable advanced care ventilation in the home or at a post acute care facility. The sophisticated LTV ventilator flow trigger combined with internal PEEP compensation provides increased patient comfort and care. At 14 lbs and roughly the size of a laptop computer, the LTV 1150 ventilator features complex ventilation configured for convenience and mobility. The LTV 1150 ventilator provides a wide range of ventilation therapies to meet demanding patient needs, including Volume Control, Pressure Control, Pressure Support and Spontaneous breath types.

The LTV 1150 extended feature set, including internal PEEP and integrated Spontaneous Breathing Trial (SBT), provides a better way to assess and wean long term ventilation patients.

Transition your patients from the hospital to home with the same settings as the LTV 1200 ventilator, ensuring a smooth transition for the patient while saving clinical costs. 


The LTV 1150 extended feature set includes:

  • For patients 5kg body weight and up
  • Presets to select the patient type, Infant, Pediatric or Adult patients
  • Ventilator preset optimization using the intuitive LTV 1200 interface
  • Illuminated active controls and alarms settings for easy identification of ventilation parameters.
  • Internal PEEP (Compensated)
  • Spontaneous Breathing Trial
  • Low flow oxygen connection for concentrators or flow meters
  • NPPV

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