KnightStar 330 BiPAP ST

KnightStar 330 BiPAP ST

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The KnightStar® 330 Ventilator is a blower-based, bi-level positive pressure ventilator system designed to non-invasively treat spontaneously breathing patients weighing 30 kg or more.

A compact, quiet and convenient ventilator system, the KnightStar 330 can be used to treat respiratory insufficiency and/or obstructive sleep apnea in the home, hospital or other institutional setting.

The KnightStar 330 Ventilator has unique features to enhance patient comfort and clinical effectiveness, including a 3-30 cm H2O pressure range, an LCD display, pressure ramp and delay settings, patient lockout mode, automatic altitude/leak compensation, built-in audible/visual alarms, adjustable pressure rise time, and inspiratory/expiratory breath trigger sensitivities.

Product Features

* Comes with carry bag and hose
* Low 30 dBA sound output
* Optional battery mode
* Backup rate in A/C mode
* Three selectable modes of ventilation
* Adjusts to compensate for different types of mask leaks
* Internal alarms
* Lightweight: 2.7 lbs
* Six month Bemes warranty
* Compatible with complete family of Puritan Bennet® CPAP interfaces, including the Breeze SleepGear™ CPAP Interface System

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