Fisher Paykel HC-500 Heated Humidifier

Fisher Paykel HC-500 Heated Humidifier

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  • Brand: Fisher & Paykel
  • Product Code: TD HC500-REB
  • Availability: Out Of Stock

The Fisher & Paykel MR-500 Is One System for All Patients

  • One button selects optimal temperature and humidity levels for adult, paediatric and neonatal patients
  • Easy set up with simple controls and an easy to read display
  • Automatic standby during periods of gas flow interruption or water out
  • Available globally

• Dimension : 135mmH x 170mmD x 156mmW
• Weight : 
  1.3 kg (w/o chamber fitted)

  1.6 kg (w/ chamber fitted & filled with water)
• Appearance : 
  *stream-lin design

  *Water drainage design
  *Compatible with other standard chambers
• Power : 
  *Heater plate capacity 85W max

  *Temperature power cutout at 95 °C 
* Quality refurbeshed by 
• Supply voltage : 

  230V ± 25V, 0.4A max. at 230V
  115V ± 12V, 0.8A max. at 115V
• Temperature sitting :
  From step 1 to step 9

  Range 45 °C to 75 °C Heater plate
• Temperature : 45 °C-75 °C Max.
• Safety : CE standard, Auto switch-off design
* Six Month Warranty 

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