Puritan Bennett 7200 Critical Care Ventilator

Puritan Bennett 7200 Critical Care Ventilator

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  • Brand: Puritan Bennett
  • Product Code: TD 7200 AE REB
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The Puritan Bennett 7200 respiratory ventilator has an advanced micro-processor design that offers CMV, assist/control, SIMV, CPAP, PEEP, and sigh controls.  This critical care ventilator has a built-in nebulizer, air/oxygen blender, and variable pressure waveforms.  Data is clear on the digital display and easy to input with the keyboard control.  

Product Features

  • State-of-the-art gas delivery system.
  • Demonstrated track record of reliability
  • Full-featured microprocessor-controlled ventilator with 7202 display screen.
  • Gas delivery features - Flow-by®, Pressure Support, Pressure Control Ventilation
  • Patient monitoring features - Graphics 2.0, Respiratory Mechanics, Auto-PEEP
  • Communications features - RS-232, Digital Communications Interface (DCI 2.0)
  • Optional 7250® Metabolic Monitor
  • Integrated safety systems
  • Optional humidifier is available with this unit.

Indications For Usage 
For use in providing pediatric and adult patients with ventilatory support in the hospital environment.


  • Ventilator Dimensions:  41.9 cm H x 57.2 cm D x 55.9 cm W (16.5 in  x 22.5 in x 22 in
  • Ventilator Weight:  50.8 kg (112 lbs)
  • Operator Selected Parameters
      Tidal Volume:  .1 to 2.5 liters
      Respiratory Rate:  .5 to 70 bpm
      Max Peak Inspiratory Flow:  120 Ipm during mandatory breather; 180 Ipm during spontaneous breathing.
      Sensitivity Inspiratory:  .5 to 20 cmH2O bellow PEEP
      Oxygen Percentage:  21% to 100%
      Plateau:  0 to 2 seconds
      PEEP / CPAP:  .1 to 2.5 liters, not to exceed twice tidal volume
      Sigh Rate and Frequency:  1 to 15 sighs per hour; 1 to 3 sighs per event.
  • Operator Selected Alarm Thresholds
      High Airway Pressure:  10 to 120 cmH2O
      Low Airway Pressure:  3 to 99 cmH2O
      PEEP / CPAP Pressure:  0 to 45 cmH2O
      Exhaled Tidal Volume:  0 to 2.5 liters
      Low Exhaled Minute Volume:  0 to 60 liters
      High Respiratory Rate:  0 to 70 bpm
      Sigh High Airway Pressure:  10 to 120 cmH2O, not to exceed twice high airway pressure.
      Ventilatory Modes:  Operator selectable.  Continuous Manditory Ventilation (CMV).  Synchronous Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation (SIMV). Continuous  Positive airway Pressure (CPAP).
      Inspiratory Flow Waveforms:  Square, descending ramp, or sine.
      Alarm Control Functions:  Alarm silence: silences alarm for 2 minutes.  Alarm reset: resets ventilator to pre-alarm state of alert.
      Parameters Display:  Airway pressure; exhaled volume; type of breath: assist, spontaneous, sigh, and plateau; mean airway pressure; peak airway pressure; PEEP/CPAP pressure; plateau pressure; respiratory rate; I:E ratio; tidal volume; minute volume; and spontaneous minute volume.

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